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Welcome to the EFI Ordersystems GmbH


All-in-one solution

EFI Ordersystems is a company that specializes in inventory and procurement systems for digitized materials management. 

Wether material stocking at the production site, automated re-ordering or re-ordering at the touch of a button, transparent processes through "booking before pick-up" or vending machines, EFI Ordersystems offers stand-alone or fully-integrated supplier solutions for modern and modular procurement management.

Value creation in purchasing

Increasing efficiency through added value is possible if purchasing, procurement, production and material management are considered together. 

The founders of EFI Ordersystems have been working for more than 20 years with such individual procurement solutions.

The newly developed EFI product family, EFI.Station, EFI.App, EFI.Button, EFI.Sensor, EFI.Box and EFI.Storage, are not only innovations, but the possibility for an easy and smart entry into a modern and unique inventory and procurement management.


EFI Ordersystems GmbH
Sankt-Jobser-Straße 49
D - 52146 Würselen

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